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The DiCapo Law Office, PLLC has many years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the current immigration laws and regulations and is well-respected in the community. Choosing the right law office to represent you is important especially when it involves the well-being of you, your loved ones, and your new and/or small business. At the DiCapo Law Office, our friendly staff works hard to be able to provide you with personal attention and honest services regarding your personal or business related legal matters. Feel confident in your attorney, Call us today for your confidential consultation today at 469-368-3618 or email us at

We handle a wide range of family and employment based immigration including, but not limited to the following:


Immigration Law

Family Based Immigration– Family Based Immigration is an option for individuals to seek permanent residency in the United States. Without proper representation, it can be both a lengthy and frustrating application process. Here at the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you help your loved ones to come to the United States. There are several different options (such as petitioning for Alien Relative, Adjustment of Status, Fiancé Visas, Student Visas, Visitor Visas, etc.) to consider when applying for visas and permanent residency. To be able to seek further guidance and find out which process you best qualify for, please call us for your confidential consultation.

Visitor Visas- Having trouble getting your loved ones visit? To obtain a United States Visitor Visa has exceedingly become more difficult. At the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. we are able to help you help your loved ones visit the United States. Why miss out on all the memories, contact the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. today for a consultation



Naturalization and Citizenship – At the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. we are able to assist permanent residents who have maintained their residency for a period of five years or three years if married to a United States citizen take their big step in becoming United States Citizens through the naturalization process. Our knowledgeable attorneys are able to not only provide you with assistance in completing the required documentation, but also are able to assist you in being able to better prepare for the interview process. If you have criminal, medical, or out of country issues, it may compromise your eligibility for the Naturalization process. It is strongly recommended that you seek guidance from an attorney especially under these circumstances. The DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. can help you with these challenges. Contact our offices to speak to an experienced attorney today.


Employment Related Temporary Visas – If you or a loved one seeks sponsorship through a United States company for employment or if you are a small business owner seeking recruitment of employees outside of the United States, contact the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. There are many different types of temporary employment visas available depending on your qualifications. Our offices are highly experienced in obtaining temporary employment visas during the course of employment for both the employees and their family members. Temporary employment visas generally require the attorney and employer to work together in order to successfully complete the visa petition and labor certification requests. This can be quite the tedious process without the proper aid and assistance of a qualified attorney. Contact the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. today to begin your application today.


Investors and Entrepreneurs – Immigrant Investors who make a considerable capital investment in the United States may be eligible to obtain the EB-5 permanent investor visa. This visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. Due to the considerable amount of options for this visa, it is advised that you seek legal representation with knowledge in this field. The DiCapo Law Office, PLLC. has years of experience involving the investment visa program and will provide you the proper assistance you and your loved ones need. Contact our offices today to schedule your confidential consultation today.


Special Circumstances Immigration, Waivers, &Appeals – There are other basis which may qualify you to be eligible for visas or permanent residency. Some of these options include taking advantage of the Diversity Visa Lottery option, Life Act option or adjusting status based on Asylum option. There are also ways to attain nonimmigrant status by means of Domestic Violence. Our offices also are able to provide you assistance if your immigration case did not go as smooth as you had perceived them to be and did not attain a desirable result from USCIS. Before extreme immigration measures are taken by USCIS, cases are presented before the immigration courts in order to allow you to have an opportunity to present any arguments or additionally evidence through a Waiver or an Appeal. To consider your options, seek legal guidance, and/or find out which programs you qualify for best from an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, please contact the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC for your confidential consultation today


Practice Areas – Business Law

The attorneys at the DiCapo Law Office, PLLC are able to assist you pertaining to your business law needs. Whether you are an individual or small business owner seeking the guidance from an attorney for contracts, agreements, disputes, our offices are able to provide you with excellent representation and assistance. Call us today to schedule your confidential consultation for more assistance at 469-368-3618 or at



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